Anti-wall breaker

Lots of people complain about wall breakers(by people i mean me).but its easier than u think if you look at this photo it shows where the wall breakers will go(blue circle=wall breaker ).the wall breaker will go through the space made for him.Then trigger a bomb and BOOM! He’s gone. it will be best if use bombs cause it does splash damage.and only do this if you have a bunch of walls left over and u may see a archer tower there but only put mines/collectors there.

20130703-224131.jpgthis is the 2nd way it is anti-wall breaker and anti-archer that I noticed in nic’s base.since the wall breaker update wall breakers go for walls that have stuff behind it.It will be attracted by by the closest walls with things behind it unless there are other walls it will just go around for an example look at the photo bellow.imagepls leave a comment and
thanks nic


3 thoughts on “Anti-wall breaker

  1. Interesting point Kasi. You will get the wall breaker, but then allow the following attackers into the wall through the gap. Might make sense if you have spare walls

  2. Yes doc thats why i said you need a bunch of spare walls normally they make a anti wall breaker corner

  3. Thanks Kasi, very interesting. A strategy I have adopted in base building is that I try to not put more than 3 buildings in a section of walls. I try to make little clusters, to try and minimize the effect of wall breakers. I have come across too many bases when I can break their outer walls with 2/3 WBs, and then I have access to their whole core.

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