Cut down on training time

Most of you might know this, but its a small tip to help save some time.  If you’re like me you spend most of your time waiting for troops to train, try the following:

Before going to look for a fight, cue your barracks with the next load of troops, it will say full, but at your will see the time start ticking down.  Once you are in a battle and spend troops, those troops will be added to your barracks back at home, and the next set of troops will be trained.

When you return back to base, you will be pleasantly greeted by a few giants or goblins.  This is also especially nice to donate to clan mates wheh you just returned from battle and usually dont have troops.

Make it habit to queue troops before battle and you will be cutting down on a lot of time spent waiting.

Happy Clashing!


2 thoughts on “Cut down on training time

  1. Thanks Nic. The added benefit if you queue a whole lot of troops is that you get to hide elixir away from enemies. The nice thing about the Baracks is that once you queue troops, if you cancel them, you get 100% of your elixir back. Wall breakers cost a fair bit and take up little space, so at night, once you already have a full army, queue the max wall breakers and you can hide around 200k in elixir, maybe more, maybe less, depending on level of Baracks. And then in the morning before your first attack, just go and cancel the troops and watch you elixir come back.

    • Hehe Al, I made a post about this yesterday, but decided not to post it yet, but to publish it a few days after this one. Ill still publish it, but you are 100% correct

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