Storing Elixir

Being the stingy bugger that I am, I am constantly looking for ways to hide my resources.

One trick I found is to hide elixir in the barracks.  HOW?!?!  It’s easy, just fill you army camps with the troops you normally take raiding, then fill your barracks with other units.

My barracks can hold a combined 210 units.  Currently, Wall Breakers seem the best unit to store as they cost a lot, and only take up 2 spaces.  That means for me, I can hide 262 500 units of elixir in my baracks, which is pretty darn cool.

Just one word of warning, dont go spend the units in your army camp, because then you barracks will start making wall breakers, and you might end up with a army camp full of WBs!!

I could also work well with Dark Barracks once more expensive units have been unlocked.

Happy Clashing!


One thought on “Storing Elixir

  1. Thanks nic im farming now so that will help

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