Trophy Run

Hey everyone

This isn’t a tip, as much as it is a suggestion.  It has been mentioned in the clan, and I think we should give it a go.

We will need to define a time period, so that people can get back to farming.  And then see if everyone can up by at least 200-300 trophies.  Of course, the sky is the limit.  (Bragging rights up for grabs)

I would love to see our clan go below 10 000, and even push for < 5000.

Give me some feedback, and share your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Trophy Run

  1. Hi nic. lets give it a go for a week. We have seen good growth in clan top 20. I think it is still a bit early to see really high growth, but maybe a push can serve as inspiration for another growth phase. I am happy to join in 🙂

  2. Super keen on the trophie hunt nic,when can we start?THe presant is always the right time in my experience 🙂 Big ups to who ever put our clan page together

  3. Keen Nic, I think some of the guys have even started as of last night. After this weekend the remainder of my defenses will be upgraded so have a better chance at some trophy points on defense. But will start to climb now.
    Unless you woud rather just set a date to start and we can all farm and prepare, and circulate the word on the chat?

  4. I think we should start this Sunday, and run it for a week. Agreed?

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