Anti-wall breaker

Lots of people complain about wall breakers(by people i mean me).but its easier than u think if you look at this photo it shows where the wall breakers will go(blue circle=wall breaker ).the wall breaker will go through the space made for him.Then trigger a bomb and BOOM! He’s gone. it will be best if use bombs cause it does splash damage.and only do this if you have a bunch of walls left over and u may see a archer tower there but only put mines/collectors there.

20130703-224131.jpgthis is the 2nd way it is anti-wall breaker and anti-archer that I noticed in nic’s base.since the wall breaker update wall breakers go for walls that have stuff behind it.It will be attracted by by the closest walls with things behind it unless there are other walls it will just go around for an example look at the photo bellow.imagepls leave a comment and
thanks nic


TH outside my walls

I often get asked why I put my TH outside my walls. See pic below


At this stage I am after resources only and not trophies. On defence if you lose your TH then you lose the battle, but you also get a shield every time in return.

So what happens often is that opponents start their attack there. I have 2 archer towers and 2 mortars and a tesla covering that area so attackers lose a lot of troops. So often they don’t even breach walls. I might lose TH but get a shield that protects my resources. Works best for night time cover.

once I start going for trophies than Ill need to move TH back into the walls.

like any defence strategy it will fail if you get attacked by someone much stronger than you – that will happen 🙂 currently happens about once every 5 days only when I have more than 1 million gold in storage.

So I can recommend this if you have a lot of loot to protect, particularly overnight.

Finding the Right Village to Attack

Finding the Right Village to Attack

When attacking, find the right village to match your troops capabilities, balancing this with the amount of gold and elixir on offer.  The following may assist:-

Don’t be tempted:  If you come across a village with considerable amounts of gold and elixir on offer, don’t just jump in.  Have a careful look at the defence – if the walls, wall structure, and armoury are too advanced for your attack, move on to the next village.  You may end up using and losing all your troops and have nothing to show for it – a very frustrating experience.

Be patient:  Take time to find the right village.  This may mean cycling through many different villages until you find a suitable village to attack.

Plan your attack:  You only have 30 seconds before the battle begins, and 2 minutes of battle time goes quickly, so study the village.  Look for the weak points in the defence and see where best to deploy your troops – you may also want to deploy your troops in batches at different points around the village.  If using aerial attackers, deploy troops in the right place to avoid them from being destroyed by aerial defenders.

Time the deployment of your troops:  Take note of the aerial defences such as the archer towers, wizard towers, and air defence.  You may need to target these before deploying your flying attackers and healers, otherwise they will get destroyed.  Don’t just dump all your troops on the battlefield in one go – by deploying the right troops at the right time in the right place you are more assured of victory and you will probably use less troops to get the job done.

Easy penetration:  When scouting for villages to attack, have a look inside the village first.  Some people build a massive perimeter wall but leave open gaps inside the wall for you to deploy your troops without having to get through a wall first!  These areas can be seen in red border inside the village.  It some cases it may be a tiny square, but nonetheless, it’s there for you to deploy troops and start taking down the defence and stealing gold and elixir.

The easy wins:  Don’t just use the amount of gold and elixir on offer to assess whether you attack a village or not.  If it’s gold or elixir you are after, some people will put their gold mines, elixir collectors, and even on occasions their gold and elixir storages, too far away from their defence.  This makes for very easy pickings.  Deploy a few goblins, barbarians, or archers, and sit back and watch the gold and elixir come in.  Once the battle is done (you will obviously be defeated overall), you only have a few troops to train and you’re back in action with a full army compliment and little time wasted.

Training troops whilst attacking:  Once your army is full with your mix of troops, you can start training further troops before going to battle.  Once the first troop in your barracks has been trained, only then will you see the barracks are full.  As soon as you begin a battle and deploy your troops , your new troops in the barracks will continue to train.  This will save you some time in training up your next batch of troops.

Improving your defence

If you have been attacked, have a look at the replay and to see how this went down.  By looking at the replay you will see potential areas for improvement in your defence.

Keep your bombs, spring traps, and air bombs scattered around your village to cover your vulnerable areas of defence.

Tips for Intermediate Bases

Once you have got the basics covered you will move on to an intermediate base. The same principles as the basic base apply (see below post 16/6/13) – protect those things that matter if destroyed on defence – TH, storage are key again. Defence structures such as mortars, wizard towers and air defences benefit from extra protection. Cannons and archer towers are the least important defences to protect. Dont leave any gaps inside the walls for attackers to spawn. Keep your mines and collectors close to the walls so your cannons and archers can cover them. You dont loose much loot when these are detroyed, but you dont want to make it easy for attackers to destroy these without any troop losses.

Your key to defence is a good wall structure that is upgraded to an appropriate level. Try force attackers to have to break down as many walls as possible to get to your key structures. See below for some examples of this approach.


What to upgrade?

Ensure that you upgrade all types of structures evenly before upgrading your Town Hall to the next level. If you rush ahead and focus on the TH alone you will find it very difficult to protect your base against attack. The reason is that battles become more difficult at the higher TH levels and the rewards when you attack are lower.

Upgrading your troops in the lab is also important. Focus first on the key core troops – archers, giants and barbarians. Wallbreakers are also important. Balloons and wizards are nice to have, but are expensive to build and are easily destroyed.

Tips for building your village for new users

Good example of basic village

The Most Important Things To Protect:

  • Town hall. If this is destroyed you will loose battle and trophies.
  • Mortar. This is powerful on defence but once enemies get too close cant hit them. So  put walls around this
  • storage for gold and elixir. Protect your loot.
  • other defense structures

Don’t bother protecting:

  • Builders huts, barracks, army camp. No loss if destroyed
  • Elixir collector and mines. Put outside wall, but in range of weapons to offer some protection