Trophy Run

Hey everyone

This isn’t a tip, as much as it is a suggestion.  It has been mentioned in the clan, and I think we should give it a go.

We will need to define a time period, so that people can get back to farming.  And then see if everyone can up by at least 200-300 trophies.  Of course, the sky is the limit.  (Bragging rights up for grabs)

I would love to see our clan go below 10 000, and even push for < 5000.

Give me some feedback, and share your thoughts.


Storing Elixir

Being the stingy bugger that I am, I am constantly looking for ways to hide my resources.

One trick I found is to hide elixir in the barracks.  HOW?!?!  It’s easy, just fill you army camps with the troops you normally take raiding, then fill your barracks with other units.

My barracks can hold a combined 210 units.  Currently, Wall Breakers seem the best unit to store as they cost a lot, and only take up 2 spaces.  That means for me, I can hide 262 500 units of elixir in my baracks, which is pretty darn cool.

Just one word of warning, dont go spend the units in your army camp, because then you barracks will start making wall breakers, and you might end up with a army camp full of WBs!!

I could also work well with Dark Barracks once more expensive units have been unlocked.

Happy Clashing!

Cut down on training time

Most of you might know this, but its a small tip to help save some time.  If you’re like me you spend most of your time waiting for troops to train, try the following:

Before going to look for a fight, cue your barracks with the next load of troops, it will say full, but at your will see the time start ticking down.  Once you are in a battle and spend troops, those troops will be added to your barracks back at home, and the next set of troops will be trained.

When you return back to base, you will be pleasantly greeted by a few giants or goblins.  This is also especially nice to donate to clan mates wheh you just returned from battle and usually dont have troops.

Make it habit to queue troops before battle and you will be cutting down on a lot of time spent waiting.

Happy Clashing!


Loosing loot for trophies

You might think this is stupid but the point of it is to get trophies its the opposite of loosing trophies for loot.If you are like me and want to get 1250 trophies for gems you just sacrifice your loot.what do you think is better 450 gems or some loot.for an example look at this photo it shows that when you put your loot out side the enemy will obviously go for the loot.

20130702-082530.jpgTO MUCH LOOT
If you have a high amount of loot or you are saving up for something DO NOT DO THIS! Do the opposite.Remember they can only take a curtain amount of loot from you to learn more about that visit nic’s post.please leave a comment.p.s I will add a video soon.😄