Clan Rules


Respect all fellow clan members.  Do not say anything to offend anyone or any group of people.  Keep clan chats clean and clear of any vulgar or hate speech.


Currently we expect you to donate the following per week:

Normal Members – 150 units per week

Clan Elders – 250 units per week

We are going to be very strict on this, the minimum amounts set above, are not impossible to obtain.


We are a friendly and a generous clan.  We don’t want people who just take troops, so Donated:Received ratios will be monitored by Clan Elders. When you ratio reach 1:5, you will be warned, and when your ratio reaches 1:8 action will be taken against you.  Exceeding this ratio is seen as a sign of disrespect to your fellow clan members.


If you are planning to be away from the clan for a while, please inform an elder.  If we see that you are not active any more, and you didn’t make any arrangements, we will have to make your spot available for someone else.

Becoming an Elder

Being a clan elder does not influence game play in any way. It only allows you to assist the clan leader with some administration, like accepting new members, or kicking people out of the clan. In view of this we want to ensure that our elders are those who are contributing positively to the clan over a sustained period of time. This contribution should be in chats, helping other players and regular troop donations. The decision on adding new elders will be made by existing elders.

Factors that lead to you becoming an elder:

  • Log on regularly
  • Good contributions, week in and week out
  • Active in chat – not just typing nonsense all day, but giving people advise, sharing tips
  • Active on blog – Comment on new posts, take part in discussions and even make new posts if you feel you have something to contribute
  • Be at least level 45 in game – this ensures that you have experience in the game and how it works.
  • Have 5 builders (just kidding)

The above are just guidelines of the qualities that we are looking for when choosing clan elders.  Matching the above, will not mean you are granted the elder rank.


Check back regularly, as rules are being updated on a regular basis.


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